Deer you,

My first day at work went well. I ate a cupcake and I get a free one every time I work. Everyone is very nice and there is no such thing as an unhappy customer at a cupcake store! On another note, Joanna Hite Shelton is very beautiful and I love her. I also would like to take all the credit for the (good) food that goes into her stomach. Joanna also has and adorable dog and pretty cool husband. In fact- they are all so cool that I would very much like them to visit sometime soon!
In other news, there is a birds nest outside my front door and I set up a tripod to take pictures of the little birdies fluttering around. I'll post those soon. Well, I am going to go eat lunch now because I'm hungry and the oven beeped at me. Then I am going to go learn how to close the cupcake store and eat another cupcake.