Drum Rollll Please!

It's official! We moved into our very own house exactly one year ago today! We loved it to death the first time we saw it and now that we've customized it to perfectly suit us, we love it even more. If you've been keeping up with my blog posting this last week, you can see that we've made some significant changes to aspects of the house. The most significant has been the upstairs bedroom and closet. We bought it as a finished attic and have since transformed it into a livable and loveable space. So much time and work has been put into making it our own and it's very nearly complete. The last thing we have to do is take care of the carpet and then decorate and it will be our dream suite!




So there you go! Of course, I don't actually have a *completed* photo because we live upstairs and I didn't photograph it the one day it was clean, but I promise you I'll get a great finished photo one of these days. Maybe with the wide angle lens I asked from the birthday fairy. Who's to say.

Thanks so much for keeping up with my House-versary countdown. It's been a mighty productive year and I cannot wait to see how far we'll have come this time next year!