Dry or damp, we're always having fun at camp

  We've been getting a TON of rain lately, like serious flooding rain. Luckily, camp is up pretty high so we haven't been experiencing flooding in cabins and whatnot, the drive up is a whole other story though! The French Broad river runs right along the road leading to camp and it overflowed and flooded several fields and parks-- many roads were closed too due to the lower parts being under water! I had a chance to stop and snap a few photos on my drive into Asheville this past weekend. Before you look at them, let me just tell you that every single body of water you'll see is usually a field or little forest park- no matter how serene and intentional it may look! Flood-1 Flood-2 Flood-3Flood-5 Flood-6 Flood-7 Flood-8 Flood-9 Flood-10 Flood-11 Flood-12 Flood-13 Flood-14 Flood-15