Early and Edited TTT

So I have been a failure at blogging lately, I feel like I have nothing to do but yet I have no time! Anyhow, this week instead of doing Ten Things I love Tuesday, I am going to make a list of the things I am really excited about, hopefully I can narrow it down to just 10! The other hard part will be what order I should put them in.... order of happening or order of importance... I'll just do the order in which they're going to occur since we all know what the most important one is. Here goes!

1. Fall Weather! This week has commenced the beginning of cool temperatures, leaves turning, and my all time favorite time of year! Loving it!
(Photo cred 1) (Photo 2:Cookeville, TN November 8, 2008)
(11/8/2008 Bermuda and Roger)
2. Pumpkin flavored everything! I went on a hunt for pumpkin pie filling but apparently everywhere is out! It was my 3rd store that finally had some and they were nearly out as well but they had about 10 huge cans of it so I bought 4. On the way are: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie beer bread. Yum! --Although maybe not a pumpkin flavored bigmac....
3. MOVIES! The top three movies I want to see right now are Whip it on Oct 2, Where the Wild Things Are on Oct 16, and Alice in Wonderland on March 5.

4. Receiving my $70 worth of silk from Thai Silks along with Rebecca's order and teaching her how to dye the fabric and make it look pretty! It's going to be so much fun. "Dyeing sounds like so much fun!" -Rebecca (should I be worried??)
5. Getting my StencilPro order to be able to actually use my Gocco! I have some wonderful design ideas and I will actually be able to use them now and it only cost $3 per screen instead of 10+! On top of this I will finally be able to join the wonderful world of Etsy and start selling my designs, woohoo! In case you were wondering here's how it will work with my Gocco: Tutorial.
6. I get to go home once more before the wedding to see my lovely parents. Nordstrom just opened up at the mall there and I am going to buy our wedding dinner plates with our coupon for West Elm. I also get to hang with my mom and eat some delicious food and talk wedding. Hopefully my dad will have succeeded at what has been on his to-do list so I can work on that too.
( I just realized I am using TONS of exclamation points! Sorry!)
7. My Birthday! The big 22!
(I just had to...)
8. The big one: My wedding! And the few days before. We get to do an amazing photo shoot with our wonderful photographer and then the rehearsal dinner and shindig afterwards then the big day. Wow, only 40 days left! I can't believe it! (what the heck, I'm only getting married once, I think that calls for exclamation points) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Seeing all my old friends at the wedding. I haven't seen Briony since March, and Jaclyn since April. And I really hope Renn can come! If Brenta or Jaimie come, I haven't seen them since high school! Plus all my tech friends that I haven't gotten to see since Matt and Lucy's wedding. It's going to so much fun!
(A HORRIBLE and old picture of Briony and I)
(A really old picture of Jaclyn and I)
(And of course the lovely Renn!)
10. AMSTERDAM! & Bruges. & Brussels. & Hague. & Delf AND Rotterdam! An amazing 2 weeks in the Netherlands and Europe for our honeymoon, I couldn't be happier!
(Photo in Maasricht by Joep R. on Flickr)
In other news, I bought some flowers today to celebrate fall, as well as a ton of pumpkin scented candles since now is the only time you can buy my favorite scent! I also am officially the leader of the Huntsville Burdastyle Sewing Club! Hopefully I can pull it together and meet some awesome people and learn some valuable techniques!