Endless Mistakes

Have you ever had a project you've been working on that you just can't seem to get right? it doesn't matter what you do, you just seem to make mistake after mistake after mistake? That pretty much sums up my last week. I've been working for 2 weeks straight, while fighting a cold,  to get a rush order done for 6 yards of fabric and I finally finished at 10:30 tonight after 12 hours of work today- and a week late. 

Seriously, every mistake I could possibly make, I made, times 2. The initial 20,000 yards of yarn I dyed turned out too similar in tone and rendered the pattern invisible. A fact I discovered after close to 19 hours of work. My only option was to start over. I remeasured 10,000 yards, redyed it, tied all 1200 ends on, and restarted.  I thought I was finally on the home stretch, albeit 5 days past my deadline. 

By the time I reached weaving yard number 4 last night, I made the unhappy discovery that my warp was too short. Yep, I missed a loop on my warping board and measured my entire 5 foot width of fabric 2 yards too short. Today was spent remeasuring, retying, and reweaving the last 2 yards for my order. Now a week late. 

I'm turing in the finished fabric tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing it in action- even if I don't ever want to think about these 2 weeks again. Now back to work.