Fabric Debacle

Debacle may not be the right word, but it was a huge dyeing catastrophe at the very least. I tried to explain it in a previous post, but now I have the picture timeline.

1. We tested swatches of our fabrics using 2 different combinations of medium blue, jet black, and what we thought was cerulean blue. Turns out it wasn't-- it was warm black.
Meanwhile, I dyed my contrasting fabric swatches 2 different combinations of antique gold and lemon yellow, here were my results:
2. We dyed our fabrics using that same formula only with a new mixed batch of cerulean which really was blue this time, so our fabric turned out blue. Weird huh?
3. I didn't like the blue so I over-dyed it without testing it using warm black and scarlet, it turned very purple... not a big surprise in hindsight, but I was frustrated so I wasn't thinking clearly.
4. I tried to use discharge paste on it, but that didn't work out, so I tried doing another swatch using scarlet and bronze, voila!! That was exactly what I wanted!
(You can see the general color of purple that I got on the left 2, NOT what I wanted)
5. I dyed all my fabric with the small amount of scarlet I had left, but either that wasn't enough to make a difference or my fabric just didn't want to hold anymore dye, there was no change to speak of.
6. I got even more frustrated so I researched a way to get the dye off of the fabric and found out that RIT has a color remover, I went to Walmart and bought their last 2 boxes and threw it in the washing machine with my fabric and waited. After 30 minutes of agitation, my fabric was done and it was very grey.
Meanwhile again, I didn't like the color I ended up with for my gold, it was too yellowey so I overdyed it a very pale bronze to try to tone it down a bit, it did just that. That fabric actually worked out for me!
Anyhow, here are my final colors-- I was thinking of dying the grey either wine colored or navy, sticking to my original plan, but I sort of like the silver grey, so I am keeping it. Plus, I don't want to dye it again, lol!
(Skirt fabrics picture 1 and Vest fabrics picture 2)
At least we had fun with it! Rebecca and Roger posing for me :D Roger actually had nothing to do with the process, he was playing Left for Dead the whole time-- he just wanted to look important.