Feeding kids crack. Just kidding.

Step 1: Melt a TON of butter and sugar (I can give you the actual recipe, if necessary)

2. Line some sheet pans with saltine crackers.

3. Once the butter and sugar is nearing hard crack stage, pour it out on top of the saltines.

4. Spread it around!!

5. Pop it back in the oven at a suuuuper high temperature. Leave it in until it starts bubbling- 30 seconds or so.

6. It's raining chocolate chips!

7. Back in the oven for a few seconds, until the chocolate melts. Spread it all around and chill the bars until you can "crack" the pieces apart to enjoy!!

Salty + Sweet + Toffee + Chocolate = CRACK! Yes, we served this to small children. No, I did not have to stay in a cabin with them that night. Thank. God.