Few days late on the Picture-A-Day

I have been quite busy the last few days, Friday I was in Cincinnati, Saturday I was driving home, and today we had a few things to get done so I haven't been able to upload my pictures until now. Here goes!

Saturday 10/3: Works for sale
Sunday 10/4: Gocco No-Go or GO-GO!
Monday 10/5: Perch
Tuesday 10/6: Lucky
Wednesday 10/7: Muuder-B (Bermuda)
Thursday 10/8: Kitchen Lovin'
Friday 10/9: Doors
Saturday 10/10: Sweet Tooth
Sunday 10/11: Shadow
That's all for now. In other news: My birthday is coming up on Tuesday the big 22. I am looking forward to it. Roger is taking me on a date and buying me a working dress form! My parents took me out for some delicious Cheesecake Factory Friday night while I was home and they already treated me to some wicked grey Frye's. Joanna got me an awesome fashion/photography book that I have marked some pages in for inspiration already. I have some amazing people in my life, thanks all!