Fibers and Friends

Last weekend I FINALLY got my loom set up with help from my dad. There was warp left on from the last owner that had been cut but was otherwise in really good shape. I decided to use that for my first practice piece instead of just tossing it. I counted it-- 525 ends (strings) that all have to be threaded... twice. It took 3 days to get the heddles threaded (long wire pieces with an eye in the center) and now I have to thread the reed. I don't have a picture of that but I'll post one as soon as I get started. It shouldn't take nearly as long to sley the reed and then I can tie on to the front beam and get weaving!
We had a little visitor a couple of days ago that was kind enough to hold still while I took his picture. He was itty bitty, and oh so adorable! Here he is chilling on the blinds right before I let him go.
That's all for now, I'll keep you updated on my first weaving project!