Fiesta Mexicana!

Thought you should know :) 1. I bought a table loom last weekend! I don't have a stand for it though, but that's ok.

2. Luna chewed up Roger's COD disc... we'll have to get that replaced pretty soon.

3. My mom was here while I was recovering and we did a little thrifting/antiquing before I started feeling bad again. We found some cute stuff but nothing great:

4. Wednesday night Roger and I threw a little fiesta to celebrate Beth's birthday (Monday) and Taylor's birthday (yesterday) and my being able to eat food again. It was a LOT more fun than I even imagined! Eryn and Lucas showed up a little early and helped me get ready. I got Beth Big Bang Theory Season 2 and a yummy margarita cupcake. For Taylor we gave him a wad of cash to get himself a wall mount for his monitor. Even Amanda (my manager and model) and Chelsea (former co-worker) showed up! So much food and so much fun:

We had tostadas, habenero margaritas and my homemade cinnamon fried ice cream with chocolate chipotle sauce for dessert. Oh and Chelsea LOVED Dahlia and may be convinced to finally get the snake she's always wanted!