Well my culminating project is finally done! I just need a C or better to pass the class, hopefully that'll happen. Anyhow, I had to write a really long paper to go along with 2 dresses I planned on making. The dresses were a fiasco! Oh man, I did two mock-ups and they went really easily but the final dress just sucked! Oh well, it's over now. I also had to create a powerpoint to sort of describe my process but after finally finishing the dress and still not being done, I had a minor meltdown. Thanks to Roger for helping through.

Like I said dress=fiasco. Here is a picture of it. I also slacked on the picture taking part because I hate it so much. It looks like some 60's prom dress but way worse :( The first picture is it with all the wonderful tulle underneath, yuck! What was I thinking! 
(Ignore the wrinkles...)
Anyhow, I have been slacking on the whole blog scene for a few days now because I have been so stressed about getting my school stuff done. Sorry about that. 
I worked on my paper dress a little bit, I started cutting out the pieces for the skirt but I am really wanting to take a sewing hiatus for like ever so I don't know how well that'll go. The thing I do want to start working on are my polaroid transfer ideas. I guess for right now anything small scale is what I am up for working on.
As far as wedding stuff goes... I am still figuring out what the invites will look like, I really need to get a move on, after I graduate and have time, that is. We finally picked out the dishes we want but they aren't from either place we registered for so we'll just have to get those ourselves, that's ok. Other news, I bought my plane ticket to Virginia to see Mary Ellen and I am uuber psyched about that, I am not too happy about missing racquetball league Thursday for stupid graduation rehearsal that I have to drive 3 hours to get to, my house is a mess and I need to clean. That's all for now. Now that my dress is done though hopefully I'll be able to use my time better and have more interesting things to post! Oh and for those of you who don't remember this was the other dress:
(Beautiful pictures and model make a HUGE difference!)