First edition of: Five Things Friday!

Since I'm going to be testing out a recipe trial on Tuesdays from now on, I decided to show you five of my favorite things on Fridays (naturally) So I hope you enjoy the first of many Five Things Friday! 1. Have you seen Sharon Montrose's animal pictures? They're pretty amazing. I love the porcupine and reindeer. And all of the rest, lol

2. Rue- a fantastic fashion/design/home inspiration online magazine- we're painting our dining room black thanks to the amazing styling in this mag!

3. Saw this art deco nightstand at a thrift store and I haven't been able to stop dreaming of the potential! I think I am going to go back and grab it today- as long as it's still there!

4. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: LOVE this song


5. I really want to make  this bookpage fabric as a sort of 'blotter' for my desk. The built-in mousepad is fab!