Five Things Friday

I am posting this right now to kill time. Why do I need to kill time, you ask? Well because we are closing on our house in a matter of hours and I am already dressed and ready to go- but if we leave now we'll get there 2 hours early!! So, I'm posting this :) 1. I need to make my closet look like this since it's going to be in our finished attic. Love love love

2. Totally in love with the oversized knits and tying a knot in the side of a full length skirt?! Win! Via here

3. The next time Eryn and I have more than 2 hours together we are making these. Period.

4. Since we're moving in to our new house in the fall, I think it's only appropriate to have a fall leaf garland :)

5. How ingenious was it to use embroidery hoops for the opposite of what they're meant for?! Way too creative, if you ask me ;) Via here

Did I mention that we're closing on our house in just a few hours!!??! SO. EXCITED!! We got the email at 10 this morning, before that we had NO idea if it was going to have to be postponed or not. Talk about on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Now I get to drink tonight out of celebration!! WoohoO!!