Friday at Camp

Well I had a long day and I'm super duper tired so I'll make this short. This morning was a day for sprinkle muffins. I cranked those bad boys out pretty quickly. After that, Rick was making falafels for lunch which was fun to watch. He pureed chick peas and mixed them with onions and garlic before frying them up. I'd never tried them before, but they were delish :)

Since last night was birthday night (Oh and I bit into a twix bar on my slice of birthday cake that ended up pulling out my permanent retainer, yippee!) we had tons of left over cake today. We combined the cake scraps with the left over ice cream from the Biltmore train a couple weeks ago to make a delicious ice cream cake!

Muffins, check! Dessert, check! I have had this recipe floating around for left-over waffle bread pudding and Rick bought me a waffle iron just for that purpose that I haven't touched yet. I decided today was the day. I whipped up a TON of waffle batter- think 60 cups of flour and 60 eggs, and started making waffles. 3 hours and 50 waffles later, I gave up. Tomorrow Rick is bringing in 2 more irons for me to work on so I can get this dessert made for Monday. What was I thinking?!?! I ended up making myself a waffle and taking it up to the upper campfire (I finally discovered the one place in camp I have cell service) sitting under a rock to stay out of the rain, and calling Eryn back. I get to see her in less than a week and I am SO excited!! Nashville, here we come!

Anyhow, while I was busy making waffles, Bailey was joining the Podge Posse. Basically, in Hodge Podge, if you tie-dye a shirt blindfolded, you get to be part of the Posse. Bailey and I got shirts a few days ago on leave and she was more than eager to be part of the club. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen her do:

That ends the morning. In the afternoon I taught weaving like usual. I also arranged to pick up my new loom on my way home next week (!!!). During second free swim, right before dinner, I had Gabby, the leader of the Rockbrook Runners show me the path they run because I've been in the mood to hike...(weird!) We only walked half of it (1 mile) because I knew the other half. I think I may try and walk the whole 2 miles tomorrow. If you run/walk 26 miles in a session you are part of the marathon club and get a trip to Dolly's. That's my goal for next session. I need to walk off all those damn muffins!

Sorry this post has been all over the place, one last thing before I go: Roger sent me the best care package ever (Ok, probably equal to my mom sending me clean sheets and a mattress pad so that should tell you just how great it was) It most definitely made my day :)