Frolicking about in the candy cane forest

Melting me some suga!

Letting the red cool while the white is in the oven keeping warm

Finally "cool" enough to touch. Still super freaking hot!

All pulled and stretched into a red sugar log

Time to work on the white

Pulling and twisting and pulling some more. Then twisting some more.

The 2 colors

Time for more twisting and pulling. This part is crazy hard to get the stripes and thickness correct!

First attempt didn't work out so well. Discovered you can only roll it like this a few times and only to smooth it. Apparently hot sugar doesn't work the same as play dough! If you want it thinner you actually have to pull it. Otherwise the sugar just cools too quickly.

Yay! A candy cane!

My second try

I got bored with the traditional shepherd's hook, can you tell?

It's not as opaque as I'd like, I need to pull it some more at the start.

Candy cane pretzel! I think I'm on to something ;)

Some more fun candy cane shapes and squiggles.

I got the sugar to the right temperature, which I'm happy about. I'm not a pro, but I did learn a lot about what to do and what not to do. That being said, I think I need a little more hands-on practice before I can get a job working in the candy cane forest!