Happy pre-birthday to me!!! 
On top of a wonderful hibachi dinner at Mikato and cheesecake afterwards, Mark, Joanna, Rebecca, and Taylor all went in and bought me the cutest vintage Frye boots. Not only are they vintage, Frye, and boots, they fit PERFECTLY!!! 
Kay and Dexter also got me some adorable hair clips made from vintage kimono fabric. They are adorable and perfect because I hate my half-bangs and wear a clip every single day of my life.
All of this on top of what my mommy and daddy got me- the vintage pyrex and milk glass I posted about a few weeks ago. I think the theme is "vintage" this year- think they're telling me I'm getting old? 
Can't wait to see what Roger got me, he's taunting me with some boxes in the office that he won't even let me shake! The jerk.
Work tomorrow then 2 days off. Woohoo!!