General Life Update

Here is what I did the last week or so: First there was snow:

That meant SNOW DAY! Roger and I stayed in and watched Psych in our PJs with muffins and coffee. Yum!!

When the roads became passable we met up with Zach and Beth to see Red at the dollar theater. It was incentive night so they had $1 popcorn and drinks. Roger and I also saw Social Networking and Black Swan. All the movies were great!

Eryn and I got some crafting in- I finished up some small details on my scarves and she is working on a secret birthday gift. We watched The Guild and 500 Days of Summer.

I had Monday off of work, Tuesday I went in at 9 for a couple hours, Wednesday I only worked for a few hours and I had Thursday off. I had to go back in at 5AM this morning so I am beyond beat. Especially since I stayed on the computer pretty late last night

I decided I wanted to learn how to knit all thanks to this tutorial and I went yarn shopping and gave up learning how to knit- all in the matter of a week. Eryn sketched out a great idea to incorporate some sequins into it and I found some great yarn to just weave it, so that's what I'll do!

I finally tracked Sue down and met up with her in the studio. After a little gossiping, the hanging of a disco ball, and touring of a potential studio we made it back into the hot shop. I said "Sue, I want to make a squid" She said "ok!" Then BAM- SQUID! It fell off the punty twice but we salvaged it both times and made it into the annealer all 8 tentacles and all!

(Potential STUDIO!!)

Last night I finally got pictures of my sellable artwork and started up my Etsy shop! It was my New Year's resolution (the biggest most important one) and I achieved it in less than a month!! Go me!

Let's see.... I'm pretty sure that's about all that's been going on in my household. I get to see if my squid survived the night tomorrow, I also have to work at 5, then I plan on getting my cowl scarf woven!