General Life update and preview

It's been a rainy last few days, which is fine by me- more time I can spend sitting inside watching HGTV and perusing design websites without feeling guilty. Although the rain makes for 2 very bored doggies.

Roger and I actually started packing yesterday! We ran out of boxes though so it came to a screeching halt midway through the evening. At least we're off to a good start though. Also, is it weird how much I LOVE spackling?! I think it's the BEST part of moving :)

Today we went to the in-laws house for a Labor day cook-in. It was good to catch up since I hadn't seen them since the camping trip in mid-July.

Last night I made some delicious homemade mac and cheese for dinner- the real kind, not the fake kind that you bake. We're talking a carton of heavy cream, a stick of butter, and a pound of cheese- yum! I also woke up inspired yesterday and decided to try my hand at a croissant recipe I saw earlier this summer. It wasn't exactly hard, but puff pastry is sure time consuming! 5 minutes working, 2 hours waiting-- then repeat 6 times! It took all day, but the finished product today was a hit. I'll have the recipe post up Wednesday for your drooling pleasure but here is a quick preview to get you through till then :)

Right now I'm watching Hoarders to gather some inspiration to throw more away instead of packing it up in boxes to take with. This show always makes me want to clean and purge! Hope you have an equally productive rainy day!