I am working on this garment from the Alabama Chanin book and am having some issues. The dress itself came together really well but now I am working on the stitching detail Alabama Chanin is so well known for.

The directions call for the whole piece to be hand stitched and that troubled me. Maybe it's because I never formally learned how to hand stitch anything that's not being stretched on a loom, but I sure don't trust my own stitches to hold my clothes together. Anyhow, I cheated and did the seams on my machine with the intention of enhancing them by hand after they are already held fast. I am working on the binding around the neck now and I feel like my herringbone stitch looks more like the crooked peaked mountains I used to draw as a kid instead of a smooth stream of X's. Not only that but how the hell is this supposed to hold up through multiple washings and wearings!

My point is, it is sad to me that despite the millions of people before me who did this without the aid of machines, I cannot trust the work being completed by my very own two hands. That is all.