Hannah's Papertrail

This girl. Hannah Jones. She's one of the most incredibly talented people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. By day she teaches fashion illustration at O'More, by night she's half of the fashion design duo Jamie and the Jones. By the witching hour she's working on her own illustrations of pretty much everything. The latter is what I'm going to talk about now- because you already know about my obsession and love for all things Jamie and the Jones. 

Hannah did a beautiful illustrated guide to weaving stitches for my first tapestry weaving class a few weeks back. We were both so much in love with how detailed and unique they turned out that we were already wanting to do more. Hannah had the brilliant idea to do an illustrated version of some of my woven wall hangings! Not only that, she let me come and take some process photos of her illustrating and painting them. They turned out beautifully- so much so, that several people at Porter Flea thought they were actual weavings! Once I get some proper photos of the finished products, I'll have them up for sale on my site :)

She's happy to do custom illustrations and will have a website with her portfolio up in the next week or so! In the meantime, you can email her at papertrailillustration@gmail.com and follow her Instagram feed @papertrailillustration