Hawaiian Adventures: Day 2

Day 2 - Sunday: Today was a day we had to ourselves- nothing scheduled. We decided to hop in the car and head to the southern most point where the fabled green sand beach was. The guide book said to park and hike about 2.5 miles to find this beach that would be the highlight of our trip. After nearly a 2 hour drive from Kona we found our way to a deserted road. 10 miles down we found a few cars parked and decided to travel on foot from there. 3. Miles. Later. We finally catch up to my dad, who sprinted ahead, and was waiting at the top of the cliff leading down to the beach. It was a LONG, hot, windy, dusty hike, luckily my dad had secured a ride back to the car for us with a local in a pick-up. After admiring the beach and sand for a little bit we piled into the back of the truck with 3 other tourists and held on for dear life- I am going to be working kinks out of my body and dust from my eyes for the next week from that ride. I guess it beats the hike back though!

After the beach we headed north on the East side of the island to Volcano- which happens to be where THE volcano is located- maybe they planned that… We drove along crater rim drive and made our way to the tourist center to learn a bit about the science that goes into volcano-ology(?) It was pretty interesting, even if I didn't understand most of it. We got to see steam vents, the caldera, walk through a lava tube, and walk along desolation trail. Pretty cool stuff, even for me who's more than slightly TERRIFIED of volcanoes…

After the long day we had one last stop- the black sand beach! It looked like a postcard, so beautiful! We hung out there for a while and watched some of the resting turtles before making the 2+ hour drive back up to Kona. But not before stopping at McDonald's again!

Check back tomorrow for our Monday adventures!