Hawaiian Adventures Day 4: Tuesday Part 1

Day 4 - Tuesday: A day FULL of water sports! We had to wake up early again to meet our boat for the dolphin excursion. We had arrived to the waterfall thing late so I wanted to make sure we left extra early so we wouldn't be the last ones to arrive. Turns out we didn't actually remember where it was and drove 20 minutes out of our way when it actually met just south of our hotel, woops. Someone didn't read the brochure before setting off… this was the point when my dad fired my mom as navigator and I moved up to the passengers seat. We finally made it there and Roger and I set off with 10 other tourists. We were told that we had to find a pod of dolphins and then we just swim along trying to keep up with them. We weren't allowed to touch them, only swim and observe them in their natural habitat. The moment our swimming guide stood up to tell us the rules, I looked out in the ocean beyond her and spotted the dolphins. It was supposed to be a 4 hour cruise and we would be getting in and our of the boat trying to follow the dolphins but they just swam right up to us! We got in right away and got to experience swimming with wild spinner dolphins! It was a magical experience. We could hear them chatter and there were tons of babies. we watched them dive down and jump out of the water. They came so close we could have touched them (if we were allowed, that is) We swam around with them for a good hour before most people called it quits from exhaustion.

I had taken a Dramamine in preparation for a bumpy ride, but other people weren't so prepared. After the dolphins were were going to the Captain Cook monument to snorkel and we had to drop several sickly people off on the way. Roger and I saw some cool stuff at the monument-- several eels and a puffer fish but it didn't compare to the dolphin excursion. Plus, by then I was exhausted and freezing cold. We headed back and my parents met us at the marina. We went back to the hotel and took a nap to gather energy for the night's excursion: the manta dive!

(Can you spot the eel? He was HUGE!)

Part 2 about the manta rays will be up tomorrow morning! I even shot a few minutes of video to help you get in the moment! It was like nothing I've ever experienced!