Hawaiian Adventures Days 5 & 6: Last days!

Wednesday and Thursday were our last 2 days in Hawaii and we spent them pretty much relaxing. On Wednesday my mom and I went to explore the touristy strip while Roger and my dad took the underwater camera and went snorkeling. My dad brought some fruit loops along to attract the fish and it actually worked. Apparently fish like fruit loops too! Roger got some spectacular pictures of some of them.

(My dad with our hotel in the background)

That night Roger and I took one last walk along our beach to watch the sun set. We climbed over lava rocks and watched crabs hop around before heading back to go to dinner.

We opted not to eat fast food for another meal and instead went to the Kona Brewing Company and Pub to eat. My dad, Roger, and I all ordered the beer sampler to try 4 different brews. My favorite was Duke's Blonde Ale, Roger loved the Pipeline that tasted like coffee, and my dad loved the Koko brown which had hints of coconut in it. The food tasted as amazing as the beer. The roast beef sandwich was the best one I've ever tasted! It was nice to get out on the town our last night there.

On Thursday we had to drive back across the island to the Hilo airport for an 8:55 pm flight. Since we had some time to kill we hit up a few stops from the guide book like the boiling pots and rainbow falls. Apparently it was a mighty dry dry season because both places were lacking the impact of water.. Oh well, we tried!

(My mom in front of "rainbow falls")

(One of many beautiful old banyan trees through out Hilo)

Finally we made our way to the airport. The first flight was about 5 hours long to LA then we had 45 minutes to run to the next gate. At least this time we didn't have to go out and back in through security! We ran and made it to our next flight just as the last people were boarding. Apparently our luggage didn't hustle as well as we did because it missed the flight. The next flight took us to Denver where we had a few minutes to relax before the last leg of our journey. After 13 hours of traveling we finally made it back to town, luggage-less but safe and sound.

All in all, it was a much needed vacation to mark the end of one phase of our lives and the beginning of another. If everything falls into place we'll be in the new house October 2! Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Hawaii! Mahalo!