My name is Allison and I have no wisdom teeth. I would like to believe that all my wisdom remains, but it is too soon to tell. I got them taken out on Thursday. When he gave me the medicine in my IV to put me to sleep I made sure to keep talking because I didn't want him to start working while I was still awake... Stupid I know. I kept asking dumb questions so he would know I was still awake, lol. Then, I woke up! And I was numb and I thought "hey, that wasn't so bad! I wouldn't mind doing that again!"  Boy was I wrong!! I'll spare you the details but, I did really well for 2 days then went down hill. I left work and went straight to the Dr. Monday morning only to find out I had dry sockets... Boy was I in pain! They gave me medicine and it helped a good bit but I mainly slept all day. ALLLLL DAY actually. Anyhow, I woke up this morning in considerably less pain (yay!) but I had to go back to the Dr. for more medicine. They took out the stitches while I was there and the appointment was a lot better than yesterday's. I go back one last time on Thursday to get the remaining gauze removed (fingers crossed that I don't need to get more put in!!!)

I ate some chips for lunch today which tasted amazing after living on mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and soup (Thanks to Eryn :) ) and I should be good to eat all the yummy fiesta foods tomorrow night! Hopefully! As long as I didn't just jinx myself...

I hope this is a sufficient enough excuse for why I've been missing from the blogosphere all weekend.