How do you scare a goat?

Boo! - just one random topic of conversation Bailey, Molly, Chelsea, and I had while making the 2.5 hour drive on long winding mountain roads to a cabin in the woods. A different cabin in the woods. It was basically a house, and it was super comfy and nice to be able to relax. On the way there, we stopped and got TONS of junk food which we made a serious dent in. Our poor stomaches! Pretzels, snickers cookies, reeses pieces, sun chips, cracker chips, and mini donuts, to name a few. 

We finally got in around 10 last night and threw a pizza in the oven before settling down to watch 50 First Dates on TV. After that Chelsea and I headed to the master bedroom and shared the huge king size bed, Bailey passed out on the couch and Molly had the queen bed all to her self. Chelsea and I were wired, probably from all the sugar we consumed on the way to the cabin, so we ended up talking until after 3am. We really wanted to wake up to see the sunrise at 6:21, but we both ignored our alarms and slept until after 9. Sleeping in is delightful.

This morning it was actually light outside, so we took a few pictures of the gorgeous mountain view:

Around noon, it was finally time to head out. We were all starving, and there was this little town called Highland we drove through that we wanted to stop and grab some grub at on the way back, Isn't it the cutest little town ever?!?

(We all miss our puppies so much!)

(I got a yummy triple tall iced caramel macchiato, yum!)

After hitting a few shops and getting me coffee, we found a cute little pizza place for lunch (Yes, pizza again!) It was decent food, but we were all still on our junk food binge as well. It is amazing how much we eat here at camp! Bailey still had a crunch bar leftover from the grocery store that she was super excited about:


(L to R: Bailey, Chelsea, me, Molly)

It was a really fun mini vacation but now it's back to the grind. There is a Rockbrook Surprise Tuesday night that will require me to be in the kitchen for the next 48 hours to prepare. Then I have to get the new loom up and running because Curosty is officially dedicated to weaving starting tomorrow! We have 20 people signed up! Busy busy busy!

(PS hopefully my sleep schedule will be somewhat back to normal tomorrow so I can stop being grouchy!)

(PPS: I'm famous! Check out the Rockbrook camp blog for a little excerpt about me and my muffins!)