How many counselors does it take.... make a root beer float?! The answer? If you work at Rockbrook then it takes 7. Thursday night was our Wild West themed auction with the marvelous Jerry Stone as our auctioneer. The committee gussied up the dining hall and decided on the prizes that cabins could bid on. The cabins were each given $1000 in Rockbrook cash and could bid on various mystery items. The items up for bid ranged from cookies and milk, chips and salsa, serving the counselors breakfast in bed, taking the polar bear plunge, the counselors getting to pick the campers outfits, cupcakes, ice cream, toothbrushes, and yes, root beer floats. Jerry was out front manning the mic while several of us on the committee were in back rushing around getting the various food items together to serve as soon as the cabins won. It was hectic, to say the least.

(The mystery prizes)

(Sara all dressed up in her western garb)

(Rockbrook $$)

(Me and Bailey all dressed up)

(Me and Sofie posing)

(Jerry Stone)

The story behind the root beer floats is probably one of those you-had-to-be-there moments. We were all rushing around like mad trying to get the food served but the root beer floats were the most complicated of all since they had to be made at the last second. Ice cream and root beer was flying everywhere while we tried to make them look presentable. No worries though, they made it out on time and the campers were... well... happy. lol

(Sofie turned into a nervous wreck when we couldn't find any more cookies and milk!)

(I don't really have an explanation for this one...)

The best part of auction night? Everyone working the committee got to snack on all the yummy food as it was going out! Don't have to wonder where the missing Oreo's ended up!