I always love....

... a good email correspondence. I emailed the head of the biology department at Tech with an odd request- his response: "Although it is an odd request, I am the right person to contact for such a request." Sweet! ... a good iced dirty chai. Go to Portland Brew. Yum.

... a good rant with someone in an equally crappy position.

... a good walk with the puppies and husband in the autumn.

... a good episode of Parks and Rec about Twilight.

... a good contact in the field I am looking to get into.

... a good new hole in the wall place to grab lunch.

... a good talk with a old/new friend.

... coming home from work early to a box of brand new yarn on the stoop.

What I don't love? Passive aggressive behavior. Especially in the work place. Oh, I'm doing something wrong but you aren't going to tell me? Instead you are going to make up fake things for me to do instead of telling me the real reason I can't decorate? Yeah. Jerks. Commence "become a barista" plan. Go.

Well I have one more towel to weave on this warp before I start work on a special project with my new yarn :) It seems like I have a few of those lately. Zero complaints here!