I need some coffee.

I just ordered 15 boxes of Dristan because it is a miracle drug and will make Roger and me not want to shoot our faces off due to sinus pressure and pesky colds all winter. You can't get it in stores for some (probably valid) reason, so I am left to bulk order it every year.

I am working all day today- open to close. I'm gonna drop by and give Sue some cupcakes though because she let me come in yesterday and practice gathering. Plus, we both realized that she hadn't yet benefitted from my working at a cupcake store.

I can't wait for my morning shift to end and for 3 o'clock to roll in when Hannah and Eryn get there, they are so much fun to work with, plus I may get to decorate again tonight! Yippee!

Off to Starbucks and then workity work.