Waffle Bread Pudding

I've mentioned the waffles I decided to make a few times in the last week but never really told you what's going on. I had a recipe for left over waffle bread pudding floating around from earlier this year that I was really excited to try. So I did. Rick bought me a waffle iron, I made 24 times the recipe for batter and I got started, optimistically, one afternoon last week. After 3 hours, and only 50 waffles made I called it quits for the day.

The next day, Rick brought in 2 waffle irons from his house and I set out to make 250 more waffles. After tripping the breaker 5 times, we finally got everything situated so I could power through.

Another 2 hours and the waffles were done! Hallelujah! I had to wait until we got heavy cream in the next day so I could actually make the dessert, but the hard part was over. Thursday morning, after muffins, I got all the waffles out and popped them in the oven for a few minutes to dry them out so they would soak up more custard.

Then, I laid them out in 3 layers in giant hotel pans for baking.

Next, it was time for the custard. I had to multiply the recipe by quite a bit and I still was a few cups short. I added some half and half to make do, and it work out just fine.

The waffles had to sit for 30 minutes before I could finally bake them for nearly 2 hours.

The end product? Well, there are no pictures because it was gobbled up so fast!! It was a super easy recipe that I would recommend to anyone-- I even made the strawberry sauce to go with it!

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