I survived RBC Safari 2011

I am more than a little behind on posting, but you know how it goes- I get one day behind then 2 days and it gets more and more overwhelming. So forgive me, and let me tell you about 2nd session banquet from a week and a half ago. On banquet day, the dining hall is closed off the night before so the girls can decorate all night and day which means everyone else is sequestered to the hilltop to eat meals. In the meantime, everyone is throwing out their suspicions about what the mystery theme is going to be. Many girls claim to know it- but it's usually just a decoy theme the CA's hinted at.

After breakfast and lunch on the hill, regular activities and free swims, the time finally arrived for the big debut. This session, the theme chosen was safari!

Both Chelsea and Bailey were CA counselors so they were included in the skits and dances the girls put on. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn't sit with them, but I had even better company...

.....Lily and Eva!!

The CA's put a lot of time and effort into making this an unforgettable banquet, and I must say, it was the best one I've been to so far! Only one left this summer!