I'm baAAAACk!!

Unfortunately vacation is over and I am back to life in the real world.

1. I missed Bermuda like CRAZY!! I won't let her leave my side.
2. I saw a family of squid and it was one of the coolest things I have EVER seen. The spotted eagle ray ties it for first place.
3. Tarpin are scary as hell.
4. I finished the book The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and just finished watching the movie. I have never seen a movie in Swedish before, it was cool. It didn't stay true to the book though, so I was disappointed.
5. After spending a week with my parents, I don't get to see them again for at least a month and it sucks. I miss them.
6. I am sure a lot of people say they want to move to the Virgin Islands but I MEAN it. I am going to live on the British Virgin IsI lands one day. That's a fact.
7. I am a natural at driving on the left side of the road. I don't know how I've survived this long driving on the right when the left just makes more sense. Seriously. I am meant to live there.
8. I am watching the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie right now and I had forgotten how much I like Johnny Depp.
9. I suppose for Joanna's sake I should start up a TTT again this week.
10. We were supposed to have the first BurdaStyle sewing meeting this week but the girl who arranged the meeting spot won't answer my emails so I don't know if it's happening, I really hate depending on other people.
11. I want a puppy.
12. The Facebook movie is going to be so lame.
13. It really sucks that Texas is so far from Alabama. I want to see Jaclyn and Marc more often. They are so much fun.
14. I NEVER want to play Battle of the Sexes again. Wow. Bad experience. Boys are really freaking whiny!!
15. I feel a little guilty for eating a pound of crab legs when hermit crabs are so freaking cute...