In my oven

I had a craving for Thanksgiving dinner, so I made one. I am really proud of myself for actually being able to pull it off.... I was entirely grossed out at the beginning when the directions said to pull the neck out of the cavity. I honestly thought there would be a head attached.
It all turned out really well though!
A few days ago I really got into the baking mood. This is a shortbread that has rosemary, cranberries, and an orange glaze.
I don't generally like shortbread but with a citrus spice tea, you can't go wrong! Yum!

I also made some malted milk ball cookies, chocolate amaretti's, strawberry muffins, and with Taylor's help, a yummy dinner for the 4 of us!

We made pesto tortellini with shiitake mushrooms and herby popovers. For dessert, nothing other than tea and shortbread!
In other news, Roger is working super late tomorrow so I have plans to curl up with Bella and Edward and some Everything but the... ice cream.