Ingrid Michaelson and Kittens!

Sorry I've been MIA lately- I have been SOO busy! I've been weaving scarves, dying napkins, playing with kittens, and Monday night I went to see Ingrid Michaelson with Lindsay! The show was AMAZING. If she didn't have the voice, she easily could have been a comedian. She is HILARIOUS and just has an overall fantastic stage presence. The show was done really well too, a great mix of oldies and newer songs with and without her band and backup singers. She also swapped between piano, guitar, ukulele, and just singing. Oh- and a fun fact: when she was singing Why Do Fools Fall in Love, someone in the audience got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend! (She said yes!) So Ingrid dedicated the next song to them. It was sappy and romantic and such an amazing show. If you EVER have the chance to see Ingrid live-- DO IT!

Oh, so did I mention kittens?! YES! Lindsay has adopted 2 of the most adorable baby kitties ever! Prepare to D'aww your hearts out!! Felix is the bigger one, but he's only older by about 2 weeks! Alice (Ali) is the tiny fuzzy ball of fur.

Now it's back to the weaving and dying! I'll post pictures of the finished products before they go to their new home!