It's been a while, TTT/W

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted I've been a busy bumble bee working on my vest. It's coming out pretty well. I am on my third mock-up and waiting for a few yards of fabric for the lining so I can dye it all and print some and get it all together! I am really psyched about it if you couldn't tell... I didn't even make 2 mock-ups of my Fairy-tale Serpent Gown and that was way more important lol.
Alright, here's for TTT!
1. I want to make some awesome Christmas cards this year now that I have a Gocco... These are probably my favorite that I've seen so far.
2. Fleabags-- I wish I could afford one for Amsterdam... but alas I'll just have to oogle them a while longer. I love the story behind them too- they are made by hand using entirely environmentally friendly materials (aside from leather which is not animal friendly). They are also all limited edition as well. If only I could carry one of these around while going from market to market... oh well!
3. I have been looking for inspiration for my business cards these last few days and here are some awesome ones I found from THIS website. Mine aren't going to be as cool as these but hopefully still pretty nice! Oh and you gotta love the Viagra one!
4. Shitmydadsays-- ok so this isn't that hilarious or anything but it's definitely vulgar and definitely entertaining! It's a 29 year old guy living with his 73 year old dad. How could that not be entertaining! Oh and funny enough, it's my dad that introduced me to the site. Here's some examples:
"The worst thing you can be is a liar....Okay fine, yes, the worst thing you can be is a Nazi, but THEN, number two is liar. Nazi 1, Liar 2"
"Happy birthday, I didn't get you a present...Oh, mom got you one? Well, that's from me then too, unless it's shitty."
"I turn the kitchen faucet on and the shower burns you, yes, I get it...No, I'm not gonna stop, I'm just saying yes, I get that concept."
5. Ties that don't suck There are some great screen printed ties on here, I love that they have skinny ties and silk options. These really inspire me to start making Roger some ties, especially since skinny ties look kick-ass on him!
6. THIS faux zebra rug. I want to make one... although not yellow... probably blue, maybe blue and yellow? Haven't decided yet.
7. I really like these camera diagram screen prints. I also like the look of it on the t-shirt. I am just obsessed with screen prints lately! (OH and cameras, lol)
8. Shoo-fly! Made from raw cotton linen, 8x10 throw pillow. I also am obsessed with flying bugs lately, I love prints of them!
9. Don't be surprised if our thank you cards for the wedding look similar to these. I love this idea, but I have to make an awesome sign and remember to bring it to get a picture with it. So much planning! As if I don't have enough to think about on my wedding day! Still cute though, Roger disagrees... he doesn't get an opinion though, since I am the one who will end up writing all the thank-you's anyways! Picture from Oncewed, I think
10. LOVE these purses from Etsy. I think the idea of going to a thrift store and buying leather bags that are otherwise pretty plain and not so nice looking and embroidering on them is great. I especially love the wood grain design and the red bag (2nd picture) is my fave!