It's July...

When did that happen!?! Friday was the first and it also marked the birthday of someone super important here at camp: Sofie! She is one of the directors and she is one amazing person. We all made a BIG to-do about it since she always tries to divert attention away from herself- every chance she can get. Everyone chipped in and got white t-shirts to spray paint with her classic quotes like "oh stop!" and "I'm wagging my tail!" Some said "I <3 Sofie," and other said "Happy Birthday Sofie!" She was completely surprised! At lunch, since she was going on leave that night, we sang her happy birthday and I busted out the big guns and made her my raspberry buttermilk cake covered in berries and crème fraiche. She loved it and was thoroughly embarrassed by the time we were finished with her!

Saturday was a regular day for me, baking in the AM and teaching weaving that afternoon. After the last class Michelle and I hightailed it out of there and headed to Celito Lindo (a local Mexican place) for some dinner with a few other counselors. We all split a pitcher of strawberry margarita- yum! After that we headed to an outdoorsey store so I could get myself a carabiner watch I had my eyes on. At that point we split ways with the group and headed to the bowling alley. I don't even want to tell you what my score was- it was AWFUL! But, we both had a blast and were quite ready to get to sleep.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in until 9:30- the latest I've been able to sleep for over 10 weeks. It was much appreciated. Michelle and I headed to Starbucks for some coffee then to Krispy Kreme (of course) before finally ending up in downtown Asheville. We wandered around a bit before eating some lunch at Green Sage cafe. We hit up Urban Outfitters and a few vintage shops- we both scored some great stuff. We even found a geocache! It was super hot outside but all in all, a fun day. After Asheville we headed back to camp for some dinner and I went to bed super early.

(tons of people protested the UO opening in Asheville)

(So sad- it's not playing anymore!!)

(Asheville has some of the coolest street art)

(Adorable vintage store)

Exhausting weekend!!! I'll blog about the 4th tomorrow :) Have a great night!