Lake Jocassee and Dessert

(You can find Lake Jocassee in the far North Western part of South Carolina)

This week is orientation for the counselors and they like to throw a lot of fun stuff in as well as the intense learning. Yesterday they surprised us with a trip to Lake Jocassee for some boating, swimming, and hiking. We got on the busses, and made our way down the winding road to South Carolina. 1 1/2 hours and several Dramamine's later, we were lakeside! There were 6 pontoon boats and half of us went to jump off a rock and see a waterfall while the other half took a hike up to see a different waterfall. We all met back up on an island for lunch. After lunch we did what the other group had done first. A full day in the sun was pretty exhausting so most of us slept on the way back- I couldn't, unfortunately.

My new tattoo! Only temporary :)


We jumped off that giant nose-like rock.

Where we ate lunch!

Other side of our lunch island.

A gorgeous waterfall!

Back at camp it was already dinner time! We had some yummy tacos and for dessert: my infamous keylime cheesecake bars! Of course, I hadn't gotten a chance to try them out before it was announced that we would all be enjoying my first dessert here at camp. I was nervous, to say the least. Everyone dug in. After a few seconds of chewing, they all started clapping and one of the line heads even got everyone to give me 3 cheers! Dessert was a hit! I was a little embarrassed, but nowhere near as mortified as I would have been if my dessert had flopped. After dinner I was done for the evening- all the other counselors met with their line (Junior, Middler, or Senior) to go over some camper stuff. I attempted to take a shower- it didn't quite work out, then I read my book and passed out. All in all, a good day. Oh, have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Carolina's?! So. Gorgeous.