So I did wind up going to take some pictures with my Polaroid this past week. I think I got a couple good ones too! I did find out that expired 667 film is even more blue than non-expired film but you gotta love Polaroid! I have to scan them in but I'll try to post them later this weekend. I got some good digitals too, all in all a succesful trip.

I was working on a skirt for a pink and red contest and finished it but it looks so homemade that I haven't decided if I'm even going to get some pictures in it, let alone submit it.

I think mall walkers are really funny. I always want to ask them if they are lost or if I can help them find anything. It's way more funny to me than on here.

A week from tomorrow is my last day :) :)

Tomorrow is my good friend Joo's wedding! I haven't met the bride yet but I am really looking forward to the whole event! I also used it as an excuse to get a cute new dress that just came in today :)

Ben and Jerry's everything but the... ice cream is the bomb.

I am watching Bones on TV right now because I left my book at work. I knew I was going to and I followed through. I'm very frustrated about it.

I cannot wait to own and watch over and over again Zombieland.

I am working on something right now that I am super excited about, but that is all I can say. Oh and I failed at finishing the piece in time for HAL but I think I'll still finish it and see if I like it.

I am feeling sort of lost right now. I really have no idea what I want to do with my life. I have so many interests but none seem to hold my fascination long enough to really consider a career in the field. I really want to get an internship working with a fashion designer but my dumb teacher never told me while I was persuing a degree that an internsip is something I have to do while in college still. I feel really jipped in that sense. I think I really missed out on some stuff in college... Like a portfolio. Anyhow hopefully I can get my act together and figure my life out. I have lost hope for getting a job at Free People right now but I have my fingers crossed for another opportunity.

Now I'm watching Final Destination, the one with the roller coaster. I haven't seen it so I'm going to pay attention. Oh and I cannot WAIT for Joanna and Mark to get married, yippee!

P.S. I am trying out a blogwriting progam on my iPod so that's why there are no pictures this post. Hopefully it'll work!