Let's Celebrate the Tomato!

Today was the annual East Nashville Tomato Art Festival- Roger and I first heard about it when we moved here last October but had already missed it for the year. We were pretty excited to get to go today, we even passed up a diving trip to go! The festival is held in the historic Five Points district of East Nashville- otherwise known as Downtown- and is up and down all five streets meeting right there in the middle. While standing in the giant drawn tomato in the center of Five Points some guy actually quizzed me to see if I'd been to Five Points yet, I hesitated for a moment wondering if he meant Five Points Pizza but then answered with "we are standing IN Five Points!" He laughed when I didn't fall for his joke. I guess my camera made me look like a tourist today but I wanted to capture this huge festival in all it's tomato loving glory; and OH do these people LOVE their tomatoes!

There were hundreds of vendors set up selling everything from vintage to handmade and everything in between- the more tomato related, the better! Every where we turned there were people dressed up like tomatoes or wearing tomatoes on their heads! It was a wonderful way to spend a cooled down Saturday afternoon, and judging by the crowds and the sheer number of my Nashville friends I saw there, we weren't the only people who thought so!