Let's play catch-up!

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since I last posted. I'm sorry I got behind. I've been crazy busy then my parents and Roger came to visit so I was gone all weekend. But I'll get to that later! I'll start where I left off. Let's see. Last week Sunday was when we went to spray paint rock. Monday was Twin day!! Michelle and I got together and made matching shoes (she and her sis already had made some but she needed new ones) and we were all three triplets. It was a blast! Michelle has pictures on her camera of us and she's on a rafting trip right now, so hopefully tomorrow. I made muffins in the AM and Dolly took some pictures to prove that I actually do work here. In case you thought it was all fun and games based on my blog posts!

(Yes, I look awful, it was like 7AM)

Monday was also the Biltmore Train! To campers that means- all you can eat ice cream after lunch! To counselors, it means tummy aches galore! This year's theme was Hogwarts Express:

(Twin day!)

Tuesday: Banquet day! After dinner Monday, the dining hall is closed down to let the CA's set up for banquet on Tuesday night. All the meals on Tuesday are eaten out doors until dinner which is when the big surprise theme is revealed! Of course, working in the kitchen, I was privy to such information and I got a sneak peak.

Since we were eating out most of the day, Rick rented a big grill to make some pulled pork on for lunch and burgers later for dinner. Delish!

The day seemed to drag on forever before it was finally 6:15 and banquet time. Michelle and I went in early so we could see them finish setting up and then get to witness the looks on everyone's faces as they entered and discovered the theme. Wanna know what it was!??! NEW YORK!! China town was there, Dylan's candy bar, Broadway, and all the other New Yorkey things to see, they had recreated!

Everyone got to enjoy TONS of candy and soda and between each course, the CA's would perform little skits and dances to go along with the theme.

(Chelsea was dressed like lady liberty.)

(Chase was a tourist exploring the big apple)

(The Postma's and myself- a blog post about them to come)

(Bailey :) )

(Crazy dance party going on!)

After all the candy was eaten and the soda was finished, the skits were done, and announcements were made, we all held hands and sang Rockbrook Camp Forever. After than, many children were whisked off to the nurse for belly aches and everyone else went to bed. Here is a glimpse of the "after" devastation:

Well, that was Monday and Tuesday at a glance. Tomorrow will be Wednesday (Spirit fire) and hopefully the Postma post. Stay tuned!