Let's see how I'm doing...

About to start month 3 of 2012- where in the world have the first 2 months gone?! Anyhow, I decided it would be a good time to see where I stand on my super huge long list of resolutions/24 before 25 list. So here goes!



... working on it.



... made a sample but it needs a lot of work yet.



I have an idea for one- woot woot!



Not yet!



1 down (tiny pocket tank)

24 to go!



Not yet!



Started work on a piece and I have an idea for another. It's a start!



Gained 1- welcome to the site Flying Twigs!



I think I've slowed down a bit which is progress :)



This one is difficult without Eryn, I need to work on it!



After making my first sale of the year to Kay, I am up to 12!

Only 13 to go.. now I just need 13 unbelievable products to offer and it'll be a breeze!



6 down so far! 19 to go!



I've only discovered 2 so far... I should get a move on!



4 so far, but I'm a little behind on the posting...



Roger and I set a budget for London which I stayed under and I've also stuck to my monthly shopping budget! So far, so good!



4 done, 21 left to go... Maybe I shouldn't be getting rid of all my clothes just yet...



*sigh, I haven't found the perfect one yet!



We've been keeping up with climbing but I haven't started doing yoga yet.



I've fallen behind on this one!



I am thinking of applying WILL apply to the East Nashville Tomato Festival.



I am quite behind on this. I have only woven 3 different things.



Not yet.



Also, not yet


So I've made some progress on the basic and easy ones like watching more old movies, it's the more difficult ones I need to get to working on. I'll keep these in mind and check back in in a few months. Hopefully I've made some more progress!