1. I applied for my first post-grad job and I really hope I get it. It's for someone that does some very controversial things and I would love to be a part of that and make some of my beliefs known.

2. I had a blast in VA, DC, MD, and NC with Mary Ellen. We thought we found the perfect bridesmaid dress but it looked way to bridesmaid-y and not the perfect color so we're holding off a bit. We found another perfect one at JCrew but it was in a huge size and we can't find it in the catalogue or online or anything. We'll see, but if you know of any places that have wicked purple dresses, lemme know!
3. I am getting really excited about my wedding and I decided to go to a bridal expo today at Belk. I don't need anything and all the vendors are from HSV so they couldn't give me anything anyways but for RSVPing I get a free gift bag.
4. I am making Roger go with today so he can start trying on suits. I want him to wear a vest but last night I had a dream that I saw him in a suit and it looked marvelous!
5. I also had a dream last night that Roger was fat. We're talking like all over fat suit type of fat... it weirded me out so we went to the gym and I hired him a trainer.
6. I want to see Stardust again but I lost my copy of it.
7. I decided I am going to make the bathing suit that inspired my bathing suit making craze. I am anticipating getting discouraged like I did before but I really want to try because I have a great idea for pictures....
8. Speaking of pictures: I responded to an ad on craigslist that I really hope wasn't a scam looking for someone to take pictures of their clothing for a new website. We'll see!
9. I need a shower.
10. Roger's spidey bite is getting better, thank goodness! I didn't want to come home to him with a gaping hole in his leg!
I decided to post my fortunes when I get some so here are the ones from my trip: