Day 2 of the wedding weekend: the day of!! The morning started with Michelle and I eating a delicious breakfast at the B&B. I had pancakes and bacon and Michelle had eggs and bacon. Afterwards, we had to take a quick trip to Walmart for a few forgotten items before I had to be at the Oak Hill Country Club for a bridal party brunch. This was hosted by Mary Ellen's grandmother and aunt. I walked in and immediately felt as though I was at an English tea. White table clothes, wooden chairs, flowers, candles, the works. Everything was lovely.

(This was her "before" picture)

(Sweet grandma)

(One of the most delicious salads of all time)

(Chocolate mousse.. yum-o!)

Once we were finished eating and the coffee was served, some more people took the opportunity to talk about their love and well wishes towards Mary Ellen. I even said a few words! I would like to have said more, but I was on the brink of tears so I kept it short. To thank all of her bridesmaids, Mary Ellen surprised us with a little gift. She had bought prints from one of her favorite artists on Etsy that she handpicked specially for each of us. Bring on the waterworks! We were all in tears as we read the card describing why she had chosen our particular print. They were all so lovely, but I love mine the best- it means the world to me :) (even if it is called the Defeatist!)

After the brunch, we headed to the farm to start preparing for that evening. Michelle and I got there before more everyone else so we helped out around the kitchen by snapping beans. Fun fun...

After the beans were done, cake pops needed dipping and setting up! Mary Ellen, Matt, and I'm sure her 2 sisters helped make these all in advance by making cake and rolling it into balls before finally dipping them in chocolate and decorations. They tasted as good as they looked- I had 3!

A few more errands needed to be done before we could all "relax" and start to get ready. Boutonnieres needed to be adjusted, flowers, checked on, snow cone labels made, Jada given some love, and then it was finally time!!

Before I dive into the getting ready and pre/post wedding shots (tomorrow's post), I just want to give you a taste of the amazing decorations they had set up. So much thought was put into every single detail! Most of these were taken the day after, so ignore any empty beer bottles and debris.. I was too busy to get pictures before the wedding.

(even the bug spray "blended in!")

Once again, the only word that comes to mind when I think of this wedding is Magical. Just wait until tomorrow when you see a sneak peak of the photoshoot pictures as well as photos from the actual event!