London Day 4

Sunday we got an early-ish start and made our way to the Battersea Boot Sale- it wasn't all boots, unfortunately :) It was a ton of people gathered in a parking lot selling vintage things from the boot of their cars. Some of it was just used clothing, but there were quite a few people with a really good selection of vintage clothes and TONS of furs. I got a sweet fur hat for only £5 (about $7.50) and a really pretty red-ish fur cape. I also found Eryn's souvenir as well as her birthday present (No photos of them here, nice try Eryn!) Kay and Dexter found an illustrator selling drawings he did of various places throughout London. He was only charging £1 apiece so we stocked up! After the boot sale we found a really cute cafe for lunch. Roger, Dexter, and I got a variety of open-faced Belgian sandwiches. Mine had fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, and basil pesto. It. was. so. good. I got a cappuccino, Dexter got a REAL macchiato, and Roger got some limeade to drink. We also snuck delicious sugar cubes out of the bowl on the table whenever no one was looking.

After lunch we parted ways with Rogers parents. Roger and I headed to Convent Garden to try and catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliff or George Clooney at the BAFTA awards. No such luck. We only got to see lots of cameras and the banners. OH well! We were at the same place at the same time as some of the great stars so that's all that matters :) We did get to see a busker shooting fire from a tuba-like instrument which was pretty cool! We ended up just heading back to the boat to watch the award show on TV. After dinner Roger and I spent several hours on the deck of the houseboat under the heater and fur blankets reading and eating Belgian chocolates.

I almost forgot about the pyramid hat guy of London! We spotted him on the Piccadilly line between Covent Garden and Leicester Square on our way back to the boat. We googled him when we got back and there is a great post HERE -- apparently he's somewhat of a legend! I (apparently not so stealthily) snuck a photo of him with my phone. Judging by the evil eye he's giving me, he caught me!