London Day 5

Monday was pretty low-key. Roger and I hopped the train to get to the Tower of London. It was really rainy and cold out so they informed us (after waiting 15 minutes for the tour to start) that they weren't doing any more tours due to the weather. So we just had to wander about through the various towers ourselves. It was pretty cool but I wish we had a guided beefeater tour. We got to see the torture instruments, the ravens, and after nearly an hour long wait in the rain, the crown jewels. After the tower, we headed to one of the places on my Design*Sponge city guide for coffee: Sensory Lab. One word: Mmmmmmmmmmm. I got a latte and Roger tried a mocha. They were both. so. good. We talked to the barista a bit, he said he's been doing it for about 6 years-- it shows in his sweet latte art! I snapped a picture of his pouring technique on my phone and posted it to Instagram and he totally found it! Caught again! Apparently I am terrible at sneaking around (even the Raven caught me taking his picture!) It worked out for the best though because he recommended some other awesome coffee shops to hit up on our trip.  We headed back relatively early because Kay was making dinner for their landlords (Malcolm and Sheila and Sheila's brother Johnny). After dinner and some socializing it was time to pack for Paris! We called a cab to come pick us up at 4AM the next morning so we could catch the train at 6:50. Stay tuned tomorrow for Paris!