Look at me being all hip...

...and blogging from the Frothy Monkey Coffee Shop in the 12th Ave South district of Nashville drinking my double iced caramel latte. Ok. So that's not the reason I'm here. I am actually meeting a long lost friend that I went to Tech with. Long being a relative term- the last time I saw her was at my wedding 2 years ago. We've kept in touch via Facebook here and there but it'll be nice to re-kindle our relationship and bring my Nashville friend count up to 1. Go me! Moving on. The real reason that I am here is to show you my first attempt at using chalkboard paint! After Roger helped me get my studio organized I found the perfect wall to hang my warping board (for those of you who don't remember, that's a wooden frame with dowels sticking out that I use to measure each and every warp string I put on my loom- if you can't picture it, just wait a sec and I'll show you). Anyhow, I found the perfect wall. With weaving you have a TON of calculations you have to keep track of and access frequently during the whole process. What better place to keep track of those than the empty, [previously] useless space in the middle of my warping board! So that's where I tested out the paint. I measured, leveled, and taped off the area, then applied the first coat. I waited almost 24 hours (like the directions said) before applying the second coat. 24 hours after that, it was noon today and I could put it to use! Let's just say- PERFECT! I did some calculations for a piece of cloth I wanted to test out then I started winding my warp. Had I actually paid attention to what I had written, I would have a 6 foot warp instead of 3, but that's besides the point. I'll stop rambling and get to the pictures :)



Yay for chalkboard paint! So far I LOVE it :) I'll show you some pictures of my studio all put together sometime soon- promise!