Major Rice Krispie fail!

I didn't know that you could actually screw up rice krispie treats. Whoops, too many marshmallows- makes 'em better right? Well the fates were against poor Grace and Chase today. They wanted to make some for their line meeting tonight and it just wasn't meant to be. They got a recipe, plopped the butter and marshmallows in a pan and turned on the stove. The butter melted- step one check! The marshmallows then proceeded to absorb it all and not. melt. Marshmallows are MEANT to melt! They just got gelatinous and started to sear!

Attempt #2: MORE butter, higher heat. They puffed up a bit (probably due to the absorption of even more butter) And started to burn!! Seriously?!

Attempt #3 (!!): Microwave. The marshmallows puffed up a tiny bit, we stirred them, they were a sticky mess, still not melted. What the hell!?  We gave up. Time to make puppy chow instead. We were seriously ALL baffled! Rick (my boss) had made rice krispie treats before and they worked, none of us could figure out what went wrong!

This afternoon was cabin day so everyone with campers spent the time in the cabins or out galavanting around with their cabins leaving me free to be! I went to town to get some sheets to weave with in curosty. Hopefully it'll motivate people to give it a try- especially since it goes a lot faster! I'm sure excited to use them! I also went to Walmart to get a tank for Ringo. Then off to Pescado's for a DELICIOUS chicken quesadilla on a spinach tortilla. YUM! It was a pretty fun afternoon just hanging out in Brevard. Michelle and I are not completely fond of the coffee we have here so we decided to get a coffee pot from a thrift store and buy our own local beans so I got that while I was out as well. There is a wonderful natural foods store here called Poppies where I got the local coffee roast. They also had some of the most unique wine I've ever seen. It was belgian chocolate and red wine with espresso (!!!!) made in Holland! I can't wait to try some!

I also had my first caramel macchiato in nearly 2 weeks! I don't even know if there was espresso in it- it just tasted like a milkshake. Oh well.

OOhhh I also found a super cute antique store here where I found some great bookends that could match our deer head ones (ERYN!!) But I didn't buy them, they were cool, but just couldn't stand up to the deer! The antique store is great though, and I can't wait to take my parents to it when they come visit! Which brings me to my next topic: my parents and husband are coming to visit me in a couple weeks, yay!! It's during session break so I'll be able to have a few days off- and even if I have to bake my mom can come help me :) I am really excited and have so much I want them to do!!  I can't choose between whitewater rafting, sliding rock, Dolly's, lake Jocassee, Lake Keowee, Asheville, or gosh, just waterfalling! Too many choices!

One last thing. Walking back to the cabins last night, Michelle and I came across another little ringneck snake! I really wanted to just move it to a more wooded area but pretty much anywhere I'd put it, I'd have to wrangle it again in a few days when a camper comes across it so I scooped it up to release it across the river. Snake count is up to 4! Also, my allergies are going wild lately! And the mosquitos are out with a vengeance! It stinks!

I posted on Twitter yesterday that swimming in the lake sure doesn't take the place of a shower. That being said, I need to go take a shower then hit the hay! Can't wait to try out the new coffee tomorrow!!