Mary Ellen and Matt visit!

Remember that one time, long long ago that we had some visitors from Virginia grace us with their presence? Matt and Mary Ellen made the 9 hour trip for only one full day with us. While they had several motives for visiting Nashville, seeing us was probably the most important so we'll focus on that for right now :) They got here on a Friday evening and after playing catchup and freshening up we headed to Opry to see the Christmas lights. We walked through the hotel as well as toured the outside, it was really pretty and luckily, it was late enough to not be super packed.

After the lights, we headed to the Holland House for the first time for a late night snack and night cap. Everything was delicious!

We headed back to the house after drinks to get a game plan for the next day- Flea Market day! Oh, and we held Polly :)

We took them to the Nashville Flea Market that Saturday and we all probably spent way too much money. It was a great market that weekend and we all found so much stuff! It was a very "Nashville" thing to do.

After the flea market, we headed to Yazoo Brewery to catch the Grilled Cheeserie and grab some beer. They loved it, as we knew they would! 

Next stop was the Parthenon. We'd never been inside before so we decided to take a tour. Who knew there was a GIANT statue of Athena inside! Not us! It was one of those things you never do in your home town until you have tourists visit. Fun to know the history of the building though, because my second-hand information was WAY off. 

We grabbed a quick dinner and pitcher of margarita from Rosepepper before heading home to change for that evening: Blues!

We headed towards Printers Alley to see a blues band playing but made a quick trip up Broadway to see Honky-tonk Way. We went to a 3 story honky-tonk and heard them honky-ing and tonky-ing on ALL. THREE. FLOORS. Nashville Win. 

Next up was the blues bar, the obligatory super drunk creepy guy, jello shots, and midnight hotdogs. 

The next morning Matt and Mary Ellen had to head back to VA early so we hit up the only place that was open at the crack of dawn and another Nashville staple- Barista Parlor! After a tasty breakfast and coffee and some very hipster photos against the blue stucco wall (don't judge), we said our goodbyes and they hit the road. The visit was SO short but we were just happy to have seen them at all! Can't wait until they can come back and stay!