Mid-December Update

Instead of getting overwhelmed with all the things I've been doing that I still need to blog about, instead I'll just give you a re-cap of the last couple days. After an EXHAUSTIVE 2 weeks of 15hr weaving days I packed up my shoes and headed down to Auburn for a much needed break and some girl time with Eryn. Sunday night we got some cute Christmas decorations to decorate her already adorable apartment and we began a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Monday morning it was bagels and coffee at Gnu's Room where she works before a morning of thrifting for dead animal parts, sequin dresses, and possibly authentic vintage Dooney and Bourke bags. We also found a glorious couch for my living room that is about 8.5 feet long.... Lunch consisted of chicken salad and then we headed off to work. Part of the purpose for this visit was to get trained as a barista by her amazing boss and part owner of Gnu's Room and Mama of Mama Mocha's Coffee Roastery. In the first 2 hours I was there I learned all the proper terminology for espresso and the espresso machine and grinders and got to taste the differences in various shots. After that it was on to the milk steaming. I am still a bit intimidated by that but I can pull a mean shot of espresso to make up for it for now. Plus, I'm still learning :) We finished off the night with some more Gilmore Girls and I met someone who is actually as obsessed as I am!

This morning we woke up early and headed out to a field to take pictures of all the scarves I've woven over the last 2 weeks. Eryn was an amazing model and we both had a blast. It was even more fun looking through them over a lunch of delicious stirfry and making fun of all the goofy expressions she was making in at least 90% of the photos. After lunch we went to a local art store to try and talk the owner into carrying my scarves. She loved my work and I have high hopes of a great relationship developing with her. Then it was back to work. This time we spent all night in back with Sarah (Mama Mocha) learning about roasting and helping her fill orders, make stickers, and display her delicious coffee. It was an exhausting day but in exchange for our volunteer work, the 3 of us went next door to a resturaunt called Amsterdam and ate SO MANY fries and condiments, drank delicious liquor, and got treated to the most mouthwatering strawberry bread pudding ever. Now that we are happy and full, it's time for, you guessed it--- more Gilmore Girls!

So that's what's up :) Tomorrow is going to consist of more coffee, some homemade sangria, and probably more Gilmore Girls- can't wait!