Monday Update

Luna's limping. She hurt her foot or toe or something yesterday morning and now she can't walk on it. She's pathetic. Bermuda broke her toe when she was a puppy.Well I paid $88 for an x-ray and they said the bones were too small to tell if she actually broke it. They put her in a cast and gave her a cone to wear for a few weeks. She hated it. I'm going to go to the vet tomorrow if she's still limping.

HUGE storm last night. We kept the blinds in the bedroom open and I was seeing bright flashes of lightning all freaking night.

Roger and I worked on our Halloween costumes last night. We actually figured mine out so I am excited about finishing it. I just hope it fits! Here are some progress pictures:

I forgot to get an "after" picture so you'll just have to wait.
When I let the dogs out this morning there were a gazillion yellow leaves on the ground from the storm last night. I have been slacking on my fall pictures so I took the opportunity. Enjoy: