Monday's are.... grey

But they don't have to be! Introducing- Life through my Sunglasses!

Ok, I'm not crazy, I promise. Or at least, I am, but not in the bad way. Ask anyone who has taken a peek through my sunglasses and they will tell you that the world truly looks better through the rose tinted lenses. Cliche? maybe. True? Definitely. So here it is, a peek into a world prettier than ours.
Isn't it? I am going to try to post some of these every Monday just to keep spirits up because Monday's can be treacherous.
In other news. I saw a really cool blog with sewn images that inspired me to try my hand at it.
I found myself a darning plate for my machine to keep the fabric from feeding itself so I can "free" sew. My first attempt was a scarab from my design book witch turned out pretty great, considering it was my first attempt and it's nearly impossible to sew a straight line with no foot or guide... (I'll post a picture later) Anyhow, I kept at it and did an illustration of a camera which I would love more if it weren't white on black. Then, taking a page from one of my old inspiration folders:
I wanted to make it into a necklace. It looks a lot like embroidery but has a messier feeling close up that I think is very appealing.

Of course, I didn't have any good chain lying around so I had to take apart another necklace and use the chain from that. Ideally it would be a much lighter weight silver curb chain...
Well, Roger is working late tonight since his deadline is fast approaching. I have plenty to work on so it's ok, but I do miss his company. I am going to get back to my Simon and Garfunkel Pandora station and sewing, now! Have a great night, can't wait for the warm weather again tomorrow!